Gwyneth Bledsoe

Gwyneth Bledsoe was born in Doncaster, England, and grew up in the metropolitan city of Leeds in the northern county of Yorkshire. Her Celtic first name and red hair derive from her paternal Welsh and Scottish roots. She attributes her love of books and languages to parental educators who encouraged weekly trips to the library.

Gwyneth studied French language and literature at the University of Reading in southern England including one year at the University of Aix-en-Provence in the Mediterranean region of France. She worked in the editing department of the British and Foreign Bible Society in London for a year, followed by a post-graduate degree at City of London Polytechnic. After a number of years in I.T. back in Reading, a career opportunity and passion for the French language took her to Paris where she lived and worked for eight years, imbibing the language and culture while developing project management and business analysis skills.


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Gwyneth left Paris to work in southern California as an I.T. consultant, before settling in the Treasure Valley of Idaho with her American husband. For the past decade her faith has redirected her to serving people in need atLove INC of Treasure Valley (Love In the Name of Christ). She and her husband worship at the Boise Vineyard Christian Fellowship where she teaches English to a Burmese Karen people group, resettled from the Thailand border refugee camps.

Gwyneth’s love of language and other cultures is clearly evident in her writing style. The London and Paris settings of her novel reflect her inside knowledge of places where she has lived. While this is her first novel, Gwyneth’s poems have previously been published in inspirational anthologies by June Cotner(Wedding Blessings, Broadway Books and House Blessings, Cotner Ink). Gwyneth has also produced and sold photo books and note cards locally. Her photography is published in a devotional Selah: Pause and Consider by author Lois Tupyi.

Behind The Scenes

Before you set out on this journey through England, you should know that I have written the story in British English to provide authenticity to the characters and to stay true to my own language. I tried to write in American English in deference to my American audience and to honour the land I have chosen to make my home. But, as you can see, my native affection for “u’s” in a word have coloured the way I write and affected my behaviour. As for the double “l”, I prefer dialling the telephone and travelling in style. It is the way I was brought up (we only “raise” animals), and I hope you will forgive the occasional lapse into Americanisms since the lines have become somewhat blurred for me after 16 years in the States. I could not have the Inspector descending in an elevator where there are only lifts to be found in London. Should you wish to hear my hybrid accent, you may consider the audio book that will be released within the year. Humour me for a while as the Inspector and Sergeant Wilson embark on their voyage of discovery, starting out in Notting Hill and ending…well, that’s for you to discover.

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