StoneGate is a cutting-edge publishing house that understands the new way of publishing. We’re leaders in leveraging eBook technology, and we operate differently from most publishers. All of our titles are released as eBooks before the print version to create some excitement and to show our commitment to the future of publishing. We work with both well-known and select brand-new authors who are just breaking into this crazy business.

StoneGate is a different kind of publisher in another way. We are a referral-only publishing house, meaning we only publish authors who are referred directly from fellow authors or approved agents. This ensures our customers the highest quality writing from authors looking to join the eBook revolution.

Thanks for looking through our exclusive authors and checking out our list of great titles. If you would like to be part of this private publishing house, we suggest that you try to contact one of our authors, who may choose to direct you to us. We hope to see you soon. Not only do we love books, but we have a blast! Life is too short not to enjoy what you do… Is there a better job besides writing? We think not.